How to Buy a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy an afternoon out lounging by the poolside, listening to your favorite tunes without having to constantly adjust your headphones or sit next to the speakers. Wireless Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy your music anywhere without being tangled up in annoying cords and without sacrificing any of the sound quality of traditional speakers.  Control your music from your mp3 player while making dinner, clip your speakers onto your belt for an afternoon hike in the woods, or keep an outdoor speaker set perfect for entertaining. Don’t get bogged down in the details of shopping for speakers. Let us help you figure out which features are most important for your needs with our comprehensive guide to purchasing wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Wireless Bluetooth speakers make enjoying your music, podcasts, or movies easier than ever. Your sounds are streamed directly into high quality speakers to amplify them for a crowd or just throughout your home. No matter where you go, your speakers can follow. Travel options allow you to clip them right onto your belt while others are more stationary units designed specifically for home or outdoor use. Wireless Bluetooth speakers are designed to be easy to carry because of the lack of cord and highly portable so you can transport them wherever you need to go.

Do you love to entertain? Are you usually the life of the party? Wireless Bluetooth speakers allow you to DJ your functions with ease, whether it’s a laidback summer pool party or an all-night dance party. If you love to spend time outdoors but don’t want to block out the sounds of nature with headphones, enjoy ambient music from the great outdoors with wireless Bluetooth speakers. These speakers are a wonderful investment, no matter what your technological needs might be. Let us help you figure out which model might be best for whatever your listening needs are:

  • Speaker Size: You’ll need to decide exactly how much bass you want to hear from your new speakers before making a purchase. Larger Bluetooth speakers typically have a better quality speaker arrangement and size that produces a nicer sound quality. Smaller units, including those that are designed to fit easily into your pocket or to clip onto your belt loop, will usually have only a single speaker within that gives you a very low-watt sound. If you play your music only for yourself and you aren’t a huge audiophile, a single speaker option might be okay for you. In general, a larger speaker with a higher wattage is better for party situations where you would want a much louder volume.
  • Battery Power: Don’t let your party end early just because your wireless speakers died. Be sure to take a look at the manufacturer’s estimation of how much play time you will get from a single charge before making a purchase. This estimation will change as the speakers and battery ages, but it provides a good starting point for making your initial purchase. Less expensive models typically have a shorter battery life than the high-end models do. You will also want to consider whether they come with rechargeable batteries or if they will need to constantly be replaced. Many middle of the road speakers or high-end speakers also have a battery share feature that allows you to plug your other devices into it to give them a small charge. This will also affect your play times, but it is a neat feature to consider.
  • Construction: Evaluate the function you intend for your wireless Bluetooth speakers to fill. If you know that you will be using it mostly outdoors in areas where it will get a lot of wear, make sure to select a construction that is well suited to this. You’ll want to look for models that are waterproof with sealed speaker membranes and caps that cover any ports it might have for battery sharing or recharging. A rubberized design is also a great feature to help it absorb shocks from being dropped. A speaker that you intend to use for more indoor purposes wouldn’t necessarily need all of these features. Either way, you want to consider one that is constructed of materials that would be relatively easy to wipe clean of daily grime and wear and tear.
  • Auxiliary jack: We’ve all experienced times when our technology lets us down. For those times when your Bluetooth device might not be functioning at its finest, having an auxiliary jack available for an old-fashioned wire connection is a welcome feature. This also allows your friends to hook their devices into your speakers without having to set up their Bluetooth to properly connect, great if they only intend to share a short clip. Even if you have a few devices that don’t support Bluetooth just yet, having an auxiliary jack available allows you to still play your music, movies, podcasts, or other audio streaming through your good quality speakers.  
  • Speakerphone Capability: Have an important conference call coming that you don’t want to miss? Let your wireless Bluetooth speakers amplify your calls so that you don’t miss a word. It allows you to keep doing what you’re doing (whether that means laying out in a hammock or swimming in the pool) without fear of missing out on anything important. For wireless Bluetooth speakers that have the capability of using speakerphone, they will typically fade out whatever music or sound you have playing through them in order to receive an incoming call.

Carry the sounds of your tunes with you no matter where you go with wireless Bluetooth speakers. They’re perfect for an afternoon at the beach or by the pool while you catch some rays or great for listening to a little lively music for a quiet evening at home preparing dinner. No matter where your life takes you, there’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker that can accompany you and can definitely fit into your budget. Take some of these helpful tips and tricks for shopping for wireless Bluetooth speakers along with you as you browse through all that your local tech store has to offer. 

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