How to Buy the Perfect Electric Toothbrush

When it comes to keeping our teeth and gums clean, healthy, and looking great, there is nothing better at helping us to do so than an electric toothbrush. The trouble is, with so many different electric toothbrushes to choose from and prices that can range between $20 and $300, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. This guide will help you to understand the different types of electric toothbrush on the market and the features that we feel are worth your money.

Electric toothbrushes are battery powered toothbrushes that provide rapid bristle motions in either a back and forth or circular motion. This automated movement coupled with your own brushing movements will allow an electric toothbrush to give a far more efficient and powerful clean than a standard manual toothbrush would be able to achieve.  Most electric toothbrushes are powered by rechargeable batteries and also allow for the heads to be removed and replaced when required.

This improved performance makes the purchase of an electric toothbrush a necessity if you truly value your dental hygiene. While a standard toothbrush will deliver a decent enough clean of the teeth and gums, the improved performance and efficiency of an electric toothbrush will deliver superior protection against gum disease, plaque, and tooth decay. Many electric toothbrushes also come with added features that can help to ensure that we are brushing properly, for the right amount of time, and using the right amount of pressure. The type and amount of features on an electric toothbrush will no doubt affect the price you will have to pay, so take a look at the following features to see which appeal, which you feel you require and which you feel you can do without.

Different Features Found on Electric Toothbrushes

  • Brushing Timers – Dentists recommend that we brush our teeth at least three times a day for a full two minutes each time. However, unless we stand in front of a stop clock or count in our heads, it can be difficult to know how long we have actually been brushing. A brushing timer will help you to ensure that you do brush for two minutes each time. Some electric toothbrushes will sound an alarm at the end of two minutes while others will automatically turn off when the two minute mark has been reached.
  • Display – Many modern electric toothbrush products come with an LCD display as a prime feature. These screens will display information such as how long a person has been brushing, when they should next brush, and even encourage healthy and regular brushing through smiley faces and animations. Electric toothbrushes with this feature are an excellent choice for children as they put a bit of fun into brushing and help to encourage them to practice good dental hygiene.
  • Pressure Sensors – Pressing to hard when brushing our teeth is known to be counterproductive and can actually do more harm to our teeth than good. Dentists say that there is actually no need to brush to hard when trying to remove plaque and a softer approach is usually more effective. Many modern electric toothbrushes will come with a pressure sensor feature that can help you to avoid brushing to hard. This feature will either sound an alarm when you are brushing to hard or automatically decrease and even stop the pulsing action of the toothbrush.
  • Soft-grip Handles – Another feature that many consumers may desire on their electric toothbrush is that of a soft-grip handle. These make the electric toothbrushes comfier and easier to hold and will in many cases reduce the feeling of vibration that can felt when brushing. This feature will be valuable to those that like to brush their teeth as comfortably and efficiently as possible without experiencing high levels of vibration.
  • Different Cleaning Modes – The majority of electric toothbrushes on the market will come with a variety of cleaning modes and intensity levels. The modes will usually allow the user to choose between modes that allow for cleaning sensitively, for cleaning the tongue, for standard daily care, or for the purpose of whitening. Consumers should identify which of the modes they feel they will need the most before deciding on which electric toothbrush to go for.

Electric toothbrushes are not only an efficient alternative to standard toothbrushes but many also come packed with some excellent features that can improve comfort when brushing, help to ensure that we are brushing properly, regularly, and for the recommended length of time. These features alone make them standout against the standard toothbrush and it is little wonder that they are now many a person’s preference for cleaning their teeth and gums.  In our constant battle for good dental health, the electric toothbrush could prove to be the most powerful weapon in our arsenal.

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