Space Heater Buyer's Guide

When the winter months start rolling in we all start to suffer with the expected drop in temperatures both outside and inside of our homes. There is not much we can do about the outside apart from wearing more clothes but inside we have other options such as space heaters. These can quickly heat the rooms in your home and do not have to cost an arm and a leg to purchase. They can be used as a form of additional heat or the sole heat depending on your own situations and property.

Space heaters are designed to heat enclosed areas in a short amount of time and usually use natural gas, propane fuel oil, or electric as the source behind this heat. Space heaters are generally recommended to be used inside rooms that do not have any other source of heating such as central heating or when only one room in a home that has central heating is occupied (to limit wasted energy heating other empty rooms). They do not even cost that much to be purchased and can be found for as little as $40 depending on the type and the sort of features you require.

To help combat the cold this winter and for future winters, there are not many better alternatives for keeping warm in such a short amount of time than a space heater. If you do not have the benefit of central heating or want something that you can turn on when the need arises, a space heater is your best bet at staying warm. There are so many space heaters to choose from these days that making a choice of which to purchase is far from easy. With this in mind, we thought we would make your decision a lot easier by pointing out the sort of features you should consider.

Safety Features – You would be correct in thinking that anything that gets hot should be used with caution. However, many of the best space heaters are perfectly safe if used correctly and actually come with a number of safety features. These features include sensors that will automatically turn the heater off if it starts to overheat and a switch that will turn the heater off if it has been knocked over. Despite these features, you should always regularly check your space heater for any damage that may have occurred in the cords.

Thermostat – Space heaters will usually come with a thermostat that will allow it to maintain a particular preset heat in the room. This allows you to not have to worry about turning the heater on/off or changing the temperature every few minutes. The thermostat will record the temperature in the room and will make adjustments accordingly to ensure that it is always at the heat that you require.

Timer – One important feature that everyone should be looking out for is that of a timer. A timer will ensure that the heater turns off at a time that you set. This is particularly handy if you are ever out of the room or have fallen asleep etc. You certainly do not want to leave a space heater on unsupervised for too long and a timer can help you to make sure that this never happens.

Remote Control – A remote control will allow you to have an efficient level of control over your space heaters and will allow you to make changes to the temperature and switch them on/off without having to be close to them. This is also safer as you will not have to bend over to fiddle with the device that is probably very hot. 

Mobility – Space heaters can come in all shapes and sizes and depending on when and where you want to use them, you will want to have some kind of mobility features to allow you to move them around easier. Firstly you will want a handle that will allow you to lift them up and secondly perhaps some wheels for a heavier model that will allow you to push them. Mobility is very important as this type of heater is something that you will want to move from room to room as you see fit.

Space heaters are an excellent choice for people that want a quick an efficient way to warm up their rooms during the winter. They can actually be quite cost effective too as long as they are used economically. The key is making sure that you are using them as sparingly as possible and turning them off once the room is at the appropriate heat. Overall though, for the relatively small outlay that space heaters cost, they are an excellent way to stay warm throughout the festive months.

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