The Best Water Heater Buyer's Guide

Who doesn’t love a hot bath or shower or a nice and cozy home that is sufficiently heated? However, though many of us take water heating for granted, actually going out and purchasing one will no doubt raise a few questions as to what you will actually require from one. Do you want to heat your home as well as have hot water for bathing purposes or do you just want a water heater for just one of those purposes?

While it might seem that purchasing a water heater is something that is pretty straightforward, there are actually quite a few considerations that have to be made. We do not just have to consider the heating quality of a water heater but also the storage type of the water heater, its energy efficiency, the fuel source being used, and the space that it will take up in your home.

We all want to have warm homes in the winter and the ability to have a hot shower or bath when required, so in order to do so, we need a water heater. A water heater is the device that is responsible for the heating and distribution of water around the home. A consumer that wishes to have a warmer home and the ability to take a hot shower should definitely consider investing in a water heater.

Take a look at a few of the different types of water heaters available on the market:

  • Storage Tank Water Heaters – The most common type of water heater that you will find across the world is that of storage tank water heaters. These make use of an insulated tank that stores and heats water for whenever it is required. These water heaters come in a variety of sizes and use fuel sources such as natural gas and liquid propane to heat the water.

When you are considering purchasing a storage tank water heater, you should consider its recovery rate. The recovery rate is how many gallons of water it is able to heat in an hour. Obviously, the more hot water you require, will determine just how good a recovery rate that you will need.

  • Tankless Water heaters - Tankless water heaters are the perfect option for those with limited space and they are generally more energy efficient than storage heater types. This is because rather than heating water that is stored, they heat water as it passes through the unit.  These heaters are powered via either electric, liquid propane or natural gas but they cannot supply as much hot water as the more popular storage tank water heaters.

They can only provide around 3 gallons of water each minute, so while these are a more space and energy efficient option, they are not the best choice for larger apartments or homes.

  • Point-of-Use Water Heaters – A utility or point-of-use water heater are not the ideal choice for use in a home but are the perfect options for those that want to add hot water to an outbuilding or garage. The amount of water that these miniature units can store will vary from anywhere between 2 to 20 gallons. As mentioned, these are for shops, outside amenities, or garages and will not provide sufficient hot water for larger buildings.
  • Solar Water Heaters – Solar powered water heaters have become an increasingly popular choice over the last few years due to the energy savings that can be had. These systems generally use a solar panel on the roof or walls of a building. While solar water heaters offer great savings on energy bills, they are known to not offer very much protection against freezing and suffer quite a bit of heat loss on colder nights.
  • Electric Shower Heads – An electric shower head is another type of water heater that can provide a good solution for those that require a hot shower. These are only used for the purpose of showering and not for heating the home as the options can provide. These work by using electric to heat water as it passes through the shower head and have become a popular choice in hot countries where heating the home is not important.

Water heaters offer us the ability to heat our homes and bath in comfort and while they might all seem to provide the same end result, the different types shown above show that there are many considerations to make before purchasing one. You will have to choose the water heater that best suits your particular requirements with regards to the amount of space that you have, how much heated water you require, and the sort of energy efficiency that they provide. Hopefully the information given in this article will have given you the ability to make a far more informed choice as to which type of water heater to purchase.

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