The Ultimate Bed Sheet Buyer's Guide

Whenever we think about the best nights of sleep that we have experienced in our lifetimes, it will usually be down to a combination of a good mattress, fantastic blanket, fluffy pillows, and of course some top quality bed sheets as well. Bed sheets are important because they are what will have to most contact with our skin when we sleep, so the quality of this contact will play a major part in our comfort levels. In our guide on how to buy the perfect bed sheets, we will take you through what you should be considering before you make purchase.

Bed sheets, as most of you will know, are what are used to cover our mattress for the purpose of keeping the mattress clean and also for giving us added comfort when we sleep. Without bed sheets, our mattress is going to get dirty and is difficult to wash. Bed sheets prevent this from happening and take the brunt of the dirt themselves and can simply be thrown into the washing machine.

The wide variety of sheets that are available does not make it an easy task for anybody that is easily overwhelmed by such choice when out shopping for new ones. There is the material to consider, the price, the design, and of course the size to think about as well. While things such as the design and size will come down to personal preference, some of the other considerations will take a little bit more thought.

Material/Fabric – One of the biggest considerations you will be making whenever you purchase new sheets is which material you are going to go for. In days gone by we literally had a choice of cotton, or cotton basically because it is comfortable and durable. Whilst there are other materials used today however, cotton is still by far the most popular and commonly used material for bed sheets.  There are different qualities of cotton, so make sure you know what to look out for. Egyptian cotton is often regarded as the best quality around but others like pima and bamboo cotton are not too far behind.

Thread Count – Though this might not matter to many of you, some of you might want to consider the thread count in the bed sheets. The thread count is how many threads there are in each square inch of fabric. Why does this matter? Well, apparently the more threads there are, the softer the sheets are. While this is generally true, it depends on the material as some materials are softer than others even if they do not have as high a thread count.

Weave – The weave used to make your sheets should also be considered. Even though your choice will ultimately come down to personal preference, it is important to understand that different weaves will usually result in different levels of softness. Percale is known to be a crisper weave while sateen is considered a softer option. Neither weave is necessarily better than the other though, with your decision literally coming down to which you feel will suit your sleep better. 

Size/Fit – This might seem like a very obvious consideration to make but if you have ever had the unfortunate experience of trying to fit a undersized sheet to a mattress, you will know just how important it is to get right. This of course works both ways and you could purchase a sheet that is far too big. Before you consider anything else, make sure that you know the size that you are looking for. Additionally, look out for some additional features such as elastic edging as this will ensure a much snugger fit.

Cost – Generally, the cost of bed sheets will vary depending on the quality, the materials used, the size of the bed sheets, and the brand that is selling them. The higher priced bed sheets will usually be made of the very best materials but you could find some pretty decent bed sheets at some sensible prices if you know where to look. Looking online is usually a good idea as you will generally find better prices than what you would down the high street. You can also use compare websites to make sure that you find the best deal available.

Purchasing bed sheets might come across as a pretty straightforward thing for most of you but some of you may never have had experience it before and may not know where to start. You will need to understand the different materials, the different sizes, the different threads and weaves, as well as understand the sort of costs that you will have to pay. Hopefully, having read this guide you will now be in a much better position with regards to making the purchase of bed sheets.

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