The Ultimate Bug Zapper Buyer's Guide

We have all had our summer days tarnished from time to time by those pesky little flies, mosquitoes, midges, and other annoying insects. Not only do they annoy us by buzzing around us, biting us, and giving us itches but they can also potentially carry diseases that we can be infected with. This is why for any of us, insect control in the form of bug zappers is very important.

A bug zapper is basically a device that uses electrical discharge to kill insects that have been attracted to the devices light source. The insects are electrocuted when they touch two wires on the device that have a high enough voltage between to kill them instantly. Bug zappers have become extremely popular over the years, especially in the summer time or in countries where the climate is perfect for flying insects.

If you are tired of having to wave away or trying to swat those annoying flying insects, a bug zapper is going to be your preferred choice with regards to controlling them and killing them off. Of course though, with so many different types of bug zapper and a variety of different features and price tags, it can be difficult to know which ones to buy. This is where we step in to provide you with an informative guide that should help to make that decision a lot easier.

What features you should be considering when purchasing a bug zapper:

  • Quality of Construction and Design – Among the biggest considerations from consumers when purchasing bug zappers is user safety, quality of construction, and how easy they are to maintain. Of course, we all want our bug zappers to be able to protect us from accidental contact but at the same time we want them to be enticing enough for the many different types of insects out there that love to annoy us.  You will also want a bug zapper that is easily cleaned and maintained as well as being well put together.
  • The Range of Effectiveness – Another big consideration you will have to think about is the size of the area that you are trying cover with your bug zappers. Ideally, you should be purchasing a bug zapper that has as much killing power as possible for the space that you want to use it in. Most bug zappers will inform you of the size of the area that they can handle with measurements usually being in acres or square feet. So the best action you can take is to measure the size of the area that you want covered and then purchase a bug zapper that has been designed to be able to provide that level of protection.
  • The Power Source – Bug zappers will either be powered by the mains, batteries, or in more modern models, through solar power. The type of power source that you want will depend on each specific location that the bug zapper will be located. Generally, outdoor bug zappers will tend to be powered via battery or solar power whilst indoor zappers will use the properties main supply of electricity to carry out their purpose. If you already know where you want to place your bug zapper, you should already have an idea on how you would like it to be powered.`
  • Additional Features – You should also be considering the different features that many modern bug zappers can include before you make your purchase. Some will have differing types of chemical attractants and repellents while others will have features such as timers. Will your bug zapper be easy to clean and maintain? Will it run quietly and be as effective as those that are louder? These are all considerations that you will have to make.
  • The Price – Of course, as with any product, the price will definitely have an impact on the decision you make when purchasing a bug zapper. The prices that can be paid for bug zappers are known to vary quite significantly but this is generally down to many different factors. All bug zappers are designed for one purpose; to provide insect control. However, the more expensive models will generally offer larger coverage zones, utilize more potent attractants and/or repellents and will have some additional useful features.

A bug zapper can be the difference between enjoying your summer months or spending them trying to dodge the most irritating little insects around. We all want to be left in peace and not continually bitten or landed on by these little critters, so while a bug zapper might seem a little on the harsh side, they really are our only true protection. With the information provided, we do hope that you are now a little bit more informed on what you can expect from bug zappers and which types will suit your particular circumstances.

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