The Ultimate Handheld Massager Buyer's Guide

Who doesn’t love the idea of spending a lazy afternoon in a serene spa, wrapped in fluffy white towels, listening to the ambient music quietly drifting through the background? Close your eyes and feel yourself drift away with the luxury of a massage from the comfort of your home with a handheld massager. Tailor your massage exactly where you need it most with a handheld massager that suits your therapeutic needs. Whether you’re searching for a deep-tissue massager or just a light vibration to stimulate your muscles, we’re here to help you find the perfect fit.

A handheld massager is the best way to reap the benefits of a spa experience at a fraction of the cost. You can decide whether you’re interested in a device that focuses mainly on the back, the feet, the hands, or anywhere else you might be in need of a little TLC. Some work well just for one area of the body, while others are ideal for almost anywhere. A professional massage can be costly, but units range in price from fairly inexpensive all the way up to the pricier professional grade models, so there’s a handheld massager available for every budget. Not to mention, there’s no more need to wait until your scheduled appointment. With a handheld massager, you can get relief the minute you feel your muscles start to form tense knots or you feel your anxiety start to rise.

If you love the idea of unwinding at home after a long day at work, a handheld massager is a great way to pamper yourself. Whether you have a high-stress job, a hectic schedule, or just a natural propensity towards anxiety, an at-home massage gives you an opportunity to wind down. Handheld massagers are also ideal if you suffer from chronic pain or have aches and pains that come and go on a moment’s notice. A handheld massager can address your aches faster than a professional masseuse if you keep it handy, and it can definitely save you a lot of treatment costs. You can create a little extra room in your budget by saving on the spa experience with a handheld massager.

Convinced that a handheld massager might be just the thing you need? Take a look at our useful tips for making your purchase:

  • Focus area: Is there one part of your body that gives you more problems than another? You might want to consider a handheld massager that caters to that specific area of the body. The shape and design of certain handheld massagers may be better suited for shoulder massages, back massages, or foot massages. While they probably could be used on other areas, a more general-purpose model might be better if you think that you would be more interested in using it on all areas of the body.
  • Muscle tissue:  Decide how deep you want your massage to go. Handheld massagers that target one segment of the muscle are great if you know which area is causing you problems. These types of massagers are typically less expensive because they don’t come with complex designs created to massage different parts of the muscles. A more complex model will be more costly but will also have a greater range of flexibility in the areas of the muscle that can be massaged. These are great if you want both light and deep tissue massages.
  • Heating Options: Everyone loves the feeling of a warm massage instead of the icy embrace of a cold handheld massager. Look for models that have different heating options to suit your needs, such as an adjustable dial. If you’re more sensitive heat, you might not need a handheld massager that heats to a degree as high as someone else does. The most high-end heating feature would be infrared heating, which is designed to delve into the muscles for further relaxation. Many of these models also include thermostatic sensors to keep the handheld massager from getting too hot and causing damage to your skin or muscles.
  • Power: Consider where you would want to use your handheld massager the most. If you plan to purchase one to keep in your office for those midday aches and pains, you might want a cordless model with rechargeable batteries. This allows you to move around however you see fit with your handheld massager without being anchored to one specific spot. However, if you will use it mostly at home, a model with a long cord might not be a problem. It would save you the hassle of remembering to charge it after you’re finished using it. Corded options are also typically more powerful than their battery powered counterparts, depending on how deep of a massage you desire.
  • Weight: Particularly if you intend to use your handheld massager on your back or another part of the body that would involve a lot of reaching, you want to choose a model that is lightweight enough to hold for long periods of time if that’s what you need in order to feel relief. Heavier models may give a deeper massage but cause shoulder pain or arm fatigue in the process. If you have low muscle tone or sensitive shoulders, handheld massagers with greater weights might not be ideal. However, for those who plan to use it only for shorter, very targeted massages, a heavier unit might not be a problem. Lightweight models are typically between one and two pounds with heavier units weighing in at two to three pounds.

Ease up on your wallet by cutting out the spa days with custom-tailored massages from the comfort of your own home. You’ll have instant relief from every ache and pain without ever having to wait for a professional to squeeze you into the schedule. Handheld massagers can target any area of the body that is giving you trouble for a fraction of the cost of a masseuse. Spend a little time shopping for your handheld massager knowing that you’ve researched what features are going to be most important to you with our tips for how to purchase your new favorite gadget.

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