The Ultimate Water Filter Buying Guide

Water is, ironically, a source of life and good health but, at the same time, it is a home for bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms to thrive into. Almost all of us are aware of the dangers of drinking water from questionable sources, but even at home you’re not completely safe, and neither are your family. Each year, an estimate of 1.5 billion people get afflicted by water-borne diseases. Out of 1.5 billion, almost a million will die from it. This short article aims to help you not be part of the statistics by giving you the simplest solution to this problem.

So what exactly can you do to prevent or reduce the risk of contracting water-borne diseases? The answer is simple: Water Filtration. It’s not rocket science – with the right tools, it’s something anyone can set-up in their homes or businesses. The water we drink goes through water cycle and before it reaches your faucets at home, no one can know what other substances mixed in the water you drink. To ensure your safety, there are dozens of other ways to know that the what you drink is free from disease-causing germs. However, there is no other way that is simpler and and more cost-efficient. To filter water, the product that you need is a water filter. Basically, it is a mechanism that works as a physical barrier that blocks and removes substances that can endanger whoever will consume the water. It must be noted, however, that this device differs from using a screen in such a way that a screen can and will only block larger impurities that are only visible to the eye. Employing water filtration, on the other hand, does that and more. It can both physically and chemically filter the water. Chemical filtration removes the much smaller particles not visible to the eye through safe chemicals and elements.

No one can be 100% sure of the water they drink unless it’s bottled or manufactured by trusted brands. Even then, there will be cases wherein the water bought may not be as safe as one may think. Anyone who wants to feel safe that they and their families would not be afflicted with any diseases picked up from drinking unclean water is urged to buy this device, as well as the travelers and campers who stay in places wherein clean water is unavailable. In addition, water filtration is a must for anyone who owns a business, too. The responsibility is greater. If a customer happens to get sick from consuming contaminated water from your establishment, the cost to fix the damages will be immensely higher compared to just simply buying a filter.

To give a breakdown of what this appliance can do for you, here are its common features:

  • Multitasking
    It can do a number of processes in order to produce quality drinking water. It filters water physically through a barrier and chemically through UV light, reverse osmosis, distillation, and other processes. A good example is reverse osmosis wherein majority of contaminants in the water are removed by applying pressure to get the water through the semi-permeable membrane. As the water enters this semi-permeable membrane, salt and other contaminants will be left behind. They will be in return be discharged into a separate container or into the drain. On top of that, water filtration will improve the taste of your drinking water since filters can remove chlorine. This mechanism does a lot of tasks and solves each concern in one go. 
  • Low maintenance
    Some filters will not require additional expensive equipment or a fixing in your plumbing to make them work. “Fit and forget,” that’s how many filters operate wherein the only thing you will have to do to keep the device working properly is to ensure that the filters are emptied and cleaned regularly. These filters are easily removed by just twisting and detaching them.

  • Cost-efficiency
    Many people might argue that a filter will cost more than, say, using a screen or purification tablets, However, a filter will last longer and will do more than what a screen or a tablet can do. Once set-up, it is hassle-free to use and you can cease worrying whether or not the water you drink may potentially harm you, compared to other methods that will leave you doubtful. It’s not about paying the lowest price. It’s about getting your money’s worth. 

  • Easy installation
    You can practice your DIY skills because you may opt to not call for professional help to have your filter installed, hereby cutting down expenses. More often than not you may not need to alter your plumbing anymore. Most of them are designed to make the whole process easy for the people who purchased the product.

  • Portability
    For travelers and adventure-seekers who stay in the wilderness for a long time, clean water may be hard to come by. There are portable filters campers can bring that are equally easy to use and efficient in purifying water as their home-based, bulkier counterparts. Anywhere you go, you can feel safe you won’t be at risk.

At times like this when diseases get more complicated and sophisticated, being on defense is a measure one is expected to take. It’s a cliché saying but nonetheless timeless: prevention is definitely and without a doubt better than cure. It’s a good thing there’s a solution for it and, even better, it is made available for you. It can do a great deal for everyone’s safety. The only thing you have to do is make the choice. Since you’re reading this article, it’s safe to bet you’re getting there. 

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