10 Books To Add To Your Bucket List


We all love a good read once in a while. Nowadays, reading does not only involve actually holding the book in your hands. Technology has advanced and reached into the depths of book pages and turned reading into an electronic activity. E-readers and reading tablets are abundant in every shape, platform and price range. You only need a shelf to lay your e-reader that holds hundreds of books versus several bookcases to hold your home library. Whether you own an e-reader or still prefer the crisp smell of book paper and the sound of every page turned, here are the top 10 books to read.

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10 Green Eggs And Ham

Green Eggs And Ham

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Wondering why a children’s classic is in the list? Well, read it. It is simple, concise, rhyming. You can even sing it. What does it really tell you? Think about it. There are things you have not discovered and not because you do not know what it is, you turn your back to it. Dr. Seuss simply tells us to be accepting, forgiving and just give things a try before you give up on it.

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