10 Weird Mysteries That Remain Unsolved


Our planet is a mysterious place and there are several events throughout history that still remain unanswered even with the scientific and technological advances that we've seen over the years. While we would like to think of ourselves as logical and rational individuals, our speculations and research have been unable to provide any satisfactory answers. We may be able to find answers to some of these puzzling events in the future but for now we'll just have to keep speculating. We simply have to accept the fact that earth is full of interesting mysteries that continue to puzzle our minds. Here are 10 such weird mysteries that remain unsolved.

Featured photo credit: Wikimedia (cc license)

10 The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript

Photo credit: Wikimedia (cc license)

The Voynich Manuscript is unique and has continued to remain mysterious even after decades of study and research. Named after a Polish antiquarian who first acquired the manuscript in 1912, it is written in an unrecognizable and a very unusual language. The manuscript is called the most mysterious manuscript in the world because its origins are still not known today. It contains weird drawings and diagrams of unusual objects and a plant that botanists have been unable to identify. When carbon dating was performed on the manuscript, it was determined that the manuscript might have been created around 1404 to 1438.

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